N247M: A Story of Major Overhaul

July 18th, 2014

47M lt qtrFourth to own his aircraft since 1993, Lu Bigelow, of Myrtle Beach, SC, took on the overhaul of a 1964 Meyers N247M. The aircraft’s airframe time is 3000 +/- and its engine time is 1036 on factory reman. The model is IO520A, but was previously a TSIO520 before being removed for the D model engine by Meyers Industries in 1979.

The aircraft’s radios consist of:

  • King KMA 20 audio
  • 2- King   KX170B 360 channel nav com
  • King KR86 ADF
  • Narco AT 50A transponder
  • King KI 214 locator
  • King KI 201C locator w/glideslope
  • Shark 7 ELT
  • David Clark Isocom with 4 place intercom

47M fr seatsWith no major damage, a nose gear fork and rudder skin that had been repaired by Meyers Industries and a 2005 paint job, as well as having the original Naughahyde interior and glass, Bigelow’s overhaul of the plane would be pleasant.

Since owning the great beauty, Bigelow has made the following improvements and repairs:

  • Whelan Comet Flash wing tip strobes
  • Wet vacuum pump and Walker air/oil separator David Palmer fuel tank
  • Filler fittings and caps
  • New throttle, mixture, and prop control
  • Cables Prop overhaul and new prop governor
  • Gami injectors and fine
  • Wire spark plugs
  • Replaced hydraulic pump
  • Rebuilt landing gear
  • Hydraulic spool valve
  • Doubler added to rudder hinge
  • Air filter housing by Bracket to replace original
  • Powder coat yokes
  • Replaced left panel Lord mounts
  • Replace landing gear to axle fitting
  • Conform to D model David Clark Isocom and 4 place intercom

The aircraft is currently based in north Little Rock, AR.